About Us

Welcome with a Smile

Healthcare worker net is a well-established company with extensive expertise and experience in providing bespoke healthcare recruitment services. We aim to achieve excellence in everything we do and we enjoy that challenge. We also take a personal approach with all our candidates and clients and provide the best customer service you’ll find.

Looking for Work as a Nurse or Healthcare Assistant?

If you’re looking for work as a Nurse or Healthcare assistant, you’ve come to the right place. We have an exciting range of placements available for you now. Our friendly staff will support you at every step. We offer highly competitive rates of pay for all placements and we have a wide range of opportunities available. If you want the best agency experience available, click here for more information, or get in touch now by calling +44 77 580 61922.

Looking for Experienced and Pre-vetted Healthcare Staff?

We are a licensed provider of temporary and permanent medical, nursing and allied healthcare professionals. We undertake stringent background checks on all candidates. If your Trust or other healthcare organization has permanent or temporary staffing needs, we can help. We provide doctors, nurses, allied health and healthcare assistant staffing solution across UK, Middle East, Australia and other European countries.

You will benefit from your own dedicated and experienced account manager, on-call services and rapid, responsive candidate supply. Our experienced staff, excellent candidate availability and sophisticated IT infrastructure ensure we can resolve your staff needs quickly and efficiently.

Let us take care of your staffing needs, now. Call us on +44 77 580 61922 or click here for more information.

Mission and Values

Health Care Worker Net is an organization that has developed and evolved originally from a traditional recruitment company. The organization created a mission and values that combined the knowledge and experience from past experiences and learning. These values are ones that are actively worked on and referred to every business day and for all staff joining the organization as part of their orientation they meet with the Chief Executive to discuss the mission, vision and values of the organization.

Our Mission Statement

“Driving it right through delivering outstanding service with relentless consistency.”

Our Values

Ours is a challenging business. Hard work, high energy and the ability to withstand great pressure are essential at Healthcare Worker Net. In return we provide an environment, which is stimulating, fulfilling and satisfying. We recognize and reward performance. Beyond this, we are committed to a unique set of values, which are the essence of our business:


We are driven by a constant need to excel, to achieve personal and professional goals, which exceed our highest expectations. We strive for results and let nothing stand in the way of giving real satisfaction to our customers.


We are never satisfied with what is. We constantly pursue new ways to improve, extend and revolutionize our services to benefit our customers


Shared responsibility and common goals draw our individual talents together to generate superior strength and unstoppable momentum. We recognize and encourage individuals but celebrate the team.


Our business demands action. Our people are doers who turn thoughts into deeds. We are not easily thwarted by obstacles and never back away from the challenge of making things happen.


We are absolutely committed to our vision and values. Only the highest quality service and ethical standards are acceptable in all our undertakings.

Recruitment Methodology

Searching our International Database of Candidates

We attract a large number of health professionals onto our database through our website, through regular and high profile advertising and through referrals by friends and colleagues as a result of our outstanding service as well as through our own sourcing strategies. Initially our screening comes from this comprehensive international database of highly skilled professionals seeking employment.

Screening of Candidates

Initial response and screening of candidates is managed by phone, email or through registration on our website. We ascertain current employment, previous experience, qualifications and reasons for leaving/commitment to changing jobs. Once this key information has been gathered, Our Healthcare Recruitment Consultants are quickly and expertly able to make a decision as to whether the candidate has the skills required by our clients and whether they will be eligible for professional registration.

Interviewing of Candidates

After the initial interview, a second more in-depth interview is performed – either face to face or again over the telephone. This is a combination of behavioural based and clinical questions related to the position applied for.

Along with their work details we also discuss at length the candidates’ reasons for wanting to travel (if they are from overseas), their understanding of the countries and our clients’ culture, some of the differences in their area of work and their specific lifestyle requirements.

This part of our service has been perceived as highly valuable by our clients and potentially offers a huge time saving benefit to you. For local candidates, our behavioural-based interview techniques in a structured format. This technique is consistent with international principles to target best-suited criteria (competencies) for each position.

Verbal Reference Checking

All candidates put forward are verbally reference checked at least twice and it is a company standard that they are both from current and/or previous direct employers and from management or senior positions. Colleagues, peers or friends are not accepted unless the client specifically wishes these to be added to the process, and referees must be contacted in their place of employment.

Honesty, integrity, flexibility, clinical competence, aptitude to learn, energy, output and deadline adherences are only some of the areas we explore. The basic rationale for using references in the recruitment composite is to confirm past behaviour, which is known to be one of the best indicators for future behaviour. When used in isolation verbal references can be subject to bias perceptions or general unwillingness to be critical by previous employers. In order to overcome such issues as these we prepare targeted questions relating to specific competencies and discuss these with referees.

Recruitment Process

If you are interested in hearing about any of our opportunities here is a snap-shot of how you would go about applying and getting on board!

Apply online via our website – upload your CV and complete your personal details. One of our Recruitment Consultants will contact you within five working days if your skills and experience meet the needs of our clients. You can also call us on our free phone number or email us directly, whichever way we will look forward to hearing from you

we will ask you all about yourself, your family and what it is you are looking for. We will then let you know of potential opportunities for you to explore, hoping to match your needs and wants. Regardless of whether this is a permanent move or just a short-term contract, We have you covered with client relationships in every country.

We will give you all the information and support you need on professional registration requirements for the country you will be employed, including pricing, forms and very handy tips to make it extremely easy for you. We will go over and paperwork and credentialing with you that maybe required doing to obtain employment in the country you expected to be employed.

Once you have registration (which takes between two and six weeks to process) we can start referring your CV and references to employers of your choice for review. This is usually done by our experts of the particular unit you are skilled to work in.

If the Hospital/Health service is interested in your application they will contract us directly to facilitate the interview process between yourself and hospital – this will generally be by phone, though could be by video conference or Skype. If you live locally you can go for a face to face interview. We will assist you in your interview preparation too.

If you are offered a position we give you full guidance with everything including immigration requirements and support you with every step of relocating. There is usually a set start date mutually agreed by you and the Hospital, we are experts at getting you to your new life on time!

We can provide you with information on schooling for kids, work for partners, anything you need – we’re experts, let us do the hard work for you.

We continue to keep in touch for three months after you commence your work, ensuring you have settled in to your new job and life in the country. We love to hear the good and the bad, and we are experts in assisting you settle, knowing at times it can take you a good few months to settle into your new environment.